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  • Testimonials

    I have found my coaching with Shiksha Academy to be extremely valuable for a number of reasons, Shiksha Academy has showed content expertise, emotional intelligence, a willingness to connect, an honesty in assessment and an ego-free launching pad.


  • Testimonials

    I Rahul, have secured 95 in chemistry, 95 in Physics and 96 in Maths. The entire credit of my success goes to Shiksha Academy where I have been attending classes.


  • Testimonials

    I joined Shiksha academy feeling the need for a coaching. The Weekly Tests, Corporate Tests etc helped me improve my performance giving me an exposure of being at top.


  • Testimonials

    I want to thank Shiksha academy for all the efforts they have put in. I would highly recommend Shiksha academy to anyone who would like to become more focused.



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Why Us

Why Us


Why a student or parent chooses Shiksha Academy over other institutes?

  • Highly qualified and trained teachers with a total command on their respective subjects who are very hard working and dedicated to their responsibilities.
  • Amazing Results: Just in span of 2 years, Shiksha Academy has given amazing results in school exams and board exams both in all classes and entrance exams.
  • Comprehensive Study Material: Exhaustive and relevant study material, assignments and test papers are designed on the latest pattern of exams by the subject experts.
  • Competitive Environment: We provide the students a competitive environment that motivates the students for focussed learning resulting into grand accomplishments.
  • Integrated Approach of Teaching: We employ an integrated approach in order to prepare the students for competitive as well as board exams simultaneously. This enables students to score well in the boards alongwith preparing themselves for the competitive exams.
  • Revision Classes/ Doubt Classes: Having finished the syllabus well in time, we focus on a thorough revision which enables even the average students to gauge their weaknesses and get rid of them. This is a time tested approach and helps bring out the best out of every student.
  • Extra Classes: In order to help the weakest of the students, we provide extra classes to help them catch up with the best of students. Extra classes are also provided to students who have been absent for whatever reasons.

Comprehensive study material and concept development:

We provide in-house developed comprehensive study material that aids in clarity of basics and elaborate concept building. Our exhaustive study material is self sufficient and serves dual purposes of school curriculum as well as competitive exams. Although emphasis is laid on the academic syllabus, yet it is sufficient for preparing for competitive exams such as AIEEE, PMT, NEET, etc.

Assignments and Periodic Tests

Regular assignments and periodic tests help students build up their concepts crystal clear and gauge their standing in the competitive environment.

In addition to the above mentioned mechanisms employed regularly, mock tests are organized that covers the entire syllabus to identify student’s weak areas. It is helpful to assess the time taken by them at the test, and the real time required to crack the actual competition.
This tool has worked wonders in making the difficult problems comprehensive and easy to understand.

Our team

The main objective of Shiksha Academy is to unite body, mind and spirit of team mates in such a way that increases trust amongst them so that they bring commitment for whatever they do for the organization. The Team aims at building enthusiastic, responsible and dynamic work-force; and to further inspire them to outperform in their respective fields to eventually bring laurels to the organization and the society at large.

Thanks to the committed and concerted hard work of our team mates for excellent results. We facilitate the aspirants in multiple ways and save their money as well as time by virtue of the hard work of our dedicated experts, who have proven their track records in excellent teaching with innovative methodologies.